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Services Provided

Scientific & Technical

-Panalytical Xray
-Dry Ice
-Freezer Transportation -80,-120,-150
-Engineering Machinery
-Heavy Machinery
-Air Puryfiers

Academic Moving Contractor

-IT Departments
-Library & Catalogued Media
-Music Departments
-Museum & Exhibitions
-Research & Medical Facility’s

Law & Financial

-Office Moves
-Files & Documents
-Confidential Shredding
-Document Archiving


-Handy Person
-Laboratory Decontamination
New Equipment transportation and installation
-Landlords Removal and Transportation
-Labour Hire


-Short Term
-Long Term
-Documents & Files


-Next & Same Day Deliveries
-Timed Delivery’s
-Pathological Experiments & Specimens
-Pharmaceutical & Biological

Waste Disposal

-Redundant Equipment
-White Goods
-WEEE Electrical
-Asbestos Removal
-Furniture & Household
-Syringe and Needle Disposal


-Crates Hire
-IT Crate Hire
-Custom Fit Crates
-Packing Materials
-Container Hire

Services Provided

Based from their Headquarters on Wirral, Dr Relo are The Relocation Specialists, helping businesses to relocate across the UK. Dr Relo operate a first-class, organised, secure and affordable service that includes the following:

Digitally Recorded Audit Trail

Precise recording of items, location, order, orientation before removal, allowing identical placement in the new location

Minimal Downtime

Detailed pre-planning and logistical models ensure that the relocation process is expedited in the minimal time with maximum efficiency. This ultimately saves the client time and money

Free Site Surveys

Dr Relo fully understand the complexities and concerns that a client has prior, during and after a relocation exercise and will work with them at all stages to ensure the least negative impact on the business. The free site survey aims to re-assure the client, allowing full discussion and feedback prior to the move. The initial site survey also allows the Dr Relo Team to highlight any areas of particular focus or risk, therefore allowing more time in the planning stage

Pre Pack & Un Pack Assistance

The Team at Dr Relo understand that clients may wish to pack and un-pack their own items and equipment. The Team is on hand to help assist with this by providing industry knowledge, best practice involved in packing/un-packing and also can provide all the necessary packing consumables and transportation crates

Safe & Secure

Critical to any relocation, Dr Relo ensure that high level security is maintained at all times, from ensuring re-location vehicles are not left un- guarded through to secure overnight storage and security measures whenever required. Dr Relo transportation vehicles have 230v onboard supply, ensuring temperature critical assetts are preserved during the relocation process

Regulatory Considerations

The Team at Dr Relo will ensure that all regulatory requirements are registered and in-place prior to any move, such as Hazardous Material Handling, fire risk assessments and protective clothing and equipment regulations. Dr Relo are ADR approved to carry Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Labelling & Asset Management

Part of the detailed digital audit trail ensures that all items are correctly labelled, all storage and transportation packaging are labelled and a detailed tracking and location map ensures that every asset can be accounted for and located at any stage of the relocation process

Decommissioning & Recommissioning

In certain cases, machinery and equipment will be active prior to the relocation team arriving on site. The Team will work with the client to shut down and prepare all machinery ready for the move. Once relocated the team will the recommission all machinery to ensure that it is in full working order. In certain cases, machinery and equipment may be redundant, in these cases, the Team can decommission, remove and professionally dispose of the equipment in the regulated manner

Final Destination Positioning

The team will work with the client prior to the relocation and once arriving on the new site will ensure that the equipment is positioned correctly the first time, reducing down-time for the client


Following the initial site visits and discussions, Dr Relo will ensure that they have all relevant insurance and documentation prior to the relocation process starting

DBS Checked Staff

All staff involved in the relocation process have been DBS certified

Full Asset Inventory

Every item required will be added to the digital asset inventory and authorised by the client if required

Evening & Weekends

Dr Relo operate 24 hours a day seven days a week, ensuring that the relocation process has minimal impact on the day-to-day running of the clients business

Book an Appointment
with Dr Relo

We are happy to come and speak to you about your relocation requirements.

Book an Appointment
with Dr Relo

We are happy to come and speak to you about your relocation requirements.


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